Everything is energy, and energy flows where attention goes. If you think of the color red, you notice the color red in life. Whatever you focus on expands.

When your girlfriend breaks your heart, she throws a ball of energy at you. You can either let it control you by moving further down in escapes like alcohol and risky sex with girls you don’t like. Or you can choose to use it to become the best version of yourself.

Whatever life throws at you, it is always your choice to decide what to do with it. Instead of letting life get the best out of you, turn the tables and get the best out of life.

If you’re angry, use anger; if you’re jealous, use jealously; if you’re sad, use sadness. Everything is energy and you’re the awareness that chooses what to do with it.

Use anything and everything to fuel your growth. Love whatever fate brings and welcome it with open arms. The “negative” side of life is always full of wisdom.

Your job is to turn everything into gold without hurting anyone, including those who hurt you. For if you hurt them, you become like them, and you pay for it.

Trust the universe to pay its debts, be grateful for everything that happens in your life, and trust in your ability to re-create anything at will.

I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become. ― Carl Jung

Everything you see has its roots in the unseen world. The forms may change, yet the essence remains the same. ― Rūmī

It was only after the illness that I understood how important it is to affirm one’s own destiny. In this way we forge an ego that does not break down when incomprehensible things happen; an ego that endures, that endures the truth, and that is capable of coping with the world and with fate. Then, to experience defeat is also to experience victory. Nothing is disturbed neither inwardly nor outwardly, for one’s own continuity has withstood the current of life and of time. ― Carl Jung

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