To get what you want, sometimes all you have to do is ask.

If you’re at the gym and need help with your form, just ask. If you need to find out what motivates your buyer, just ask. If you see someone you want to meet, just ask.

You would be surprised by how far you can get if you just ask. People are rich with resources and opportunities. And if your intentions are true, people will be happy to help you achieve your goals, or at the very least you’ll learn something new.

You can also use asking for your own self-discovery. What do I want? What do I not want? What’s truly important to me? What’s not important to me? Where am I going with my life? Is this the right decision? What happens if I do this or that?

Learn to ask and you’ll open a lot of new opportunities in your life.

Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you. ― Matthew 7:7 (KJV)

It is not that we don't know the right answers, it is just that we don't ask the right questions. ― Tony Robbins

If I had an hour to solve a problem and my life depended on the solution, I would spend the first 55 minutes determining the proper question to ask, for once I know the proper question, I could solve the problem in less than five minutes. ― Albert Einstein

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