Life will give you the opportunities to reach your dreams. But if you’re too busy you’ll probably be unprepared to take advantage of them, or you won’t even notice them.

If you’re in the wrong business, you might be unprepared when the right one shows up. If you’re with the wrong partner, the right one might just pass you by.

Rather than occupying space with good, open space for greatness in your life.

Even if you’re busy working on your purpose and aspirations, you should still strive to create as much free time as possible. Free time to recover and to improve yourself in preparation for new opportunities and possibilities, such as meeting your soulmate or finding better ways of doing your work.

In order to create more free time, you’ll want to remove the biggest distractors and time wasters in your life, and protect your time as much as possible.

You’ll have to disengage from the wrong people and the wrong things; things like the media, social media, and everything that’s not essential to your goals. Every extra 10 minutes a day you save is an extra 5 hours per month.

It is not enough to be busy; so are the ants. The question is: What are you busy about? ― Henry David Thoreau

Learn to say No to the good so you can say Yes to the best. ― John C. Maxwell

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