While you should put your best effort in everything that you do, you should also know when to cut your losses, as your time and resources are limited.

If your relationship with your 10-year spouse hasn’t been working for the last 3 years despite your efforts, why continue another 3 or 10? Just because you have invested so much doesn’t mean that you should waste the rest of your life in it. How much is it costing you? What’s the life you want worth paying for?

This also applies to smaller stuff.

For example, if you paid for a 6-month program and on week 2 you’re already hating it, why continue? Just because you spent money doesn’t mean that you should waste your time too. Cut your losses and move onto something better.

We even do it with the smallest stuff, like junk food.

We start X and then we feel guilty because we know that X is bad for us, so we promise to never buy X again “but only” after we finish this “last package.” But by the time we finish this “last package,” we have forgotten our promise and we have even bought Y and Z.

Rather than repeating this process over and over again, if you have decided to cut out X then trash it, even if it’s full. Let the price you paid and lost serve as a reminder the next time you do groceries.

If a relationship isn’t working, if a program isn’t working, if a business isn’t working, find out what your alternatives are, find out what the prices to pay are, prepare accordingly, and pay them.

You either pay the price of action or you pay the price of inaction. Either way, you always pay the price.

Trust the facts, trust your intuition and trust the universe to work everything out.

I am not discouraged, because every wrong attempt discarded is another step forward. ― Thomas Edison

Our greatest glory is not in never falling but in rising every time we fall. ― Confucius

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