Everyone’s body is different. And what works for me might not work for you, but I will share my approach to health as of writing this, so as to spark further ideas.

My guiding mindsets for my nutrition and workouts are the following:

For my nutrition, I eat to be healthy, and not for taste. For my workouts, I exercise to be healthy, and not for muscles. While both taste and muscles are things I want, they’re always secondary and I wouldn’t sacrifice my health for either.

For my nutrition, I’ve been eating as a vegan for almost 2 years and my health has never been better; I haven’t gotten sick, I’m accomplishing my goals, including gaining muscle, and I also get to practice my willpower more often, as it’s a harder way to eat. Basically I eat grains, nuts, vegetables, fruits, oils, and green superfoods for the most part. During the 2 years I have sometimes consumed dairy, so not fully vegan, and if I were to live outside the U.S. I would probably consider adding fish, eggs and other healthy foods to make living abroad sustainable—like I said, my goal will always be health first.

For my workouts, I mostly do yoga and sometimes weightlifting. Yoga is great for your mind and body. As for weightlifting, I do high intensity interval training workouts (HIIT), which means that my breaks are short and the workouts intense.

Besides my nutrition and workouts, I also do intermittent fasting, which basically means that I skip breakfast and start eating around 1 PM. But if my workouts are in the morning, I will exercise on an empty stomach and then eat within 2 hours.

Intermittent fasting has many benefits based on my research, but I also like it because I’m able to do 5 to 7 hours of work in the morning with a clear mind.

With all this said, always seek professional advice, as everyone is different and these are just things that are currently working for me, and might not work for the future. Find out what works for you.

Health is the greatest gift, contentment the greatest wealth, a trusted friend the best relative, a liberated mind the greatest bliss. ― Buddha

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